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Directory Cover Photo Contest

Directory Contest Rules

Directory Cover Photo Contest

Florida Federation of Fairs

The purpose of the photo contest is to design a cover for the Florida Federation of Fairs membership directory using photographs submitted by member Fairs. Photographs should be of activities during the Fair or other Fair related events during the 2022-2023 Fair season. If the Fair was not held in this season you may submit a photograph from the last Fair held. Do not submit a photograph previously entered. Please be sure there are no identifying markers that would disclose the name of the Fair, midway or any business.

Four photos will be chosen to be used on the cover of the 2023-2024 Directory. All 4 photos chosen will be treated equally and placed on the cover as best suits the design. Winners will be announced on Facebook and in the next issue of The Faircracker, available at

Please note the following:

• Only one photograph may be submitted by each member Fair
• Photo must be at least 4” x 6” and no more than 8” x 10”
• Photo must be submitted in digital format using jpeg and sent as an attachment to: by April 1, 2023.
• If submitting a photograph of a person, please obtain their permission for reproduction of the photograph – see statement at the bottom of this page.
• This entry form with information below must be submitted in pdf or jpeg format along with the digital photograph.
• Winners may be asked to submit the original photograph along with a jump drive to be used by the printer of the Directory.

This form must be submitted as an attachment in either pdf or jpeg with the digital photograph.

Name of Fair:_______________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:_____________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone #:_______________________________________________________________________________________

Website/email address:_______________________________________________________________________________

All submissions will become the property of the Florida Federation of Fairs with the right to use in association related publications

Include (when submitting a photo of an individual): AUTHORIZATION TO REPRODUCE
When children are included in the photograph you MUST supply their names.

This will certify that the person or entity named below consents and authorizes the Florida Federation of Fairs to reproduce the submitted photograph, and that the named will indemnify, defend and hold the Florida Federation of Fairs harmless from any suit, claim or demand arising from the reproduction of the photograph.





Signature: ___________________________________Printed Name:________________________________________
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