Florida Federation of Fairs and Livestock Shows, Inc.

Category 2 - Agricultural Award

Category 2: Program/event/exhibit designed to educate consumers/fair-going public of a current agricultural or Fair industry challenge.

Entrants will describe a program, explain relevance, and detail partnerships involved, resources used and the success of the program. Examples: Messages on specific animal health issues, animal wellness, biosecurity, human/animal biosecurity, GMOs, family farms, changeovers, etc.
Please provide all information requested on this form in the space allocated (no additional lines and pages of explanation will be allowed).

Supplemental Materials Instructions:
• No more than two pages of supporting material/photos.
• Maximum of 5 photos allowed (inserted into the two-page maximum, not additional attachments)
• Maximum file size for two pages of supplemental material is 8MB-compressed photos and other documents to stay within limits.
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Division: Check One

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