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2017 Summer Workshop Wrapup

Florida Federation of Fairs 2017 Summer Workshop

Helping Florida Fairs Be Prepared!

The Florida Federation of Fairs Summer Workshop was held July 28th – 29th in Kissimmee, FL. The event was hosted by the Osceola County Fair and KVLS. This year’s Federation President, Dawn Rowe, is the past manager of the Osceola County Fair and the current President of the Florida Federation of Fairs.

From “Welcome Signs”, goody bags at the hotel, to an awesome photo op at dinner, the Fair manager, Miranda Muir, staff and board really “wowed” our attendees!

The first day of the two day event was devoted to a special presentation by Marla Calico, CEO and President of IAFE, who presented the ARK – Activists Response Kit to the group. Marla explained that the IAFE’s “ARK" was just released by the IAFE as a means for preparing our Fairs for dealing with activists. The ARK goes far beyond preparing for animal rights activists who may try to disable your website, bombard you – and your sponsors – with emails and false statements, generate adverse media attention, try to disrupt your junior market auction, or organize a live protest. Activists of all types look for opportunities – large crowds and media exposure. A fair – or an activity at a fairgrounds – provides all that. It was an eye opener to our Fairs!

Marla’s presentation was followed by two presentations by Debbie Evans with Debbie Evans Marketing Communications Consulting who presented Crisis Communication In The Digital World and an hour of On-Camera Training. Debbie’s presentation was the perfect follow-up to Marla’s comments on dealing with activists!

The Florida Federation was able to bring in these special speakers through sponsorships from the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, Florida Dairy Farmers, Florida Farm Bureau, and Southeast Milk organizations. It was an awesome “step forward” to see all our organizations working together to be prepared!

Saturday was a day devoted to workshops and round tables that covered topics such as Seeking, Securing, Satisfying, and Vetting Volunteers; Fair Best Practices for Gates and Ticketing; Drones and Public Safety; Economic Impact on Your Community; and Maintaining a Safe Environment. We were very fortunate to have representatives from the Osceola County Government, St. Cloud Police Department, and Osceola County Sheriff’s Department to make some of these presentations.

The grand finale for the event was a presentation by Cindy Moran, with Predictive Results, a Predictive Index Preferred Partner. Cindy presented two great workshops – one on “Great Leaders Play Chess – Not Checkers” and “Team Building and People Planning”.

As mentioned above, the Friday evening dinner was hosted by the Osceola County Fair and co-sponsored by the Osceola County Fair; EMC Tickets LLC, and Strates Shows, Inc.. It was a great evening with great food, a relaxing format, and time to network with all our Florida Fair friends. Everyone also got the opportunity to take photos with “I Love” signs representing their Fair, IAFE, and the Florida Federation of Fairs.


for hosting the Summer Workshop

EMC Tickets, LLC, Strates Shows, Inc., and the Osceola County Fair & KVLS

for sponsoring the Friday night dinner

Florida State Fair and Florida Strawberry Festival

for sponsoring the Refreshment Breaks

Hardee County Fair, Manatee County Fair, Miami-Dade County Fair and Expo

and the St. Lucie County Fair

for sponsoring the Coffee Stations

Collier County Fair, Martin County Fair, Northeast Florida Fair, St. Lucie County Fair, and

The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair for

for sponsoring the door prizes

Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair

for their sponsorship as a Summer Workshop Friend of the Federation

South Florida Fair for providing the Signage and the

St. Lucie County Fair for providing IT support

Citrus County Fair for providing the programs

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