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2016 Summer Workshop Wrapup

Florida Federation of Fairs 2016 Summer Workshop

New Venue – Awesome Event!

Summer Workshop Offers Great Variety of Topics!

The Florida Federation of Fairs Summer Workshop was held July 29th – 30th in Pensacola, FL. The event was hosted by the Pensacola Interstate Fair whose Assistant General Manager-Secretary/Treasurer, Felecia Chivington is the current President of the Florida Federation of Fairs. The Pensacola Interstate Fair really “rolled out the red carpet” for our attendees with a fabulous Fair themed dinner at the Fairgrounds - an event that absolutely “blew us away”! It was awesome!

The first day of the two day event was devoted to a Crowd Training Workshop. Due to the Florida Fire Prevention Code all Florida Fairs were encouraged to attend the Summer Workshop to participate in this training class. The workshop covered: how to recognize and report hazards that could endanger life or property both inside and outside your property; understanding your facility (policing yourself); understand crowd dynamics, crowd management, and crowd control techniques; recognize and utilize your fire protection equipment / communication equipment / stakeholders; identifying different types of emergencies, which may require evacuations or shelter-in-place, as well as the challenges associated with each; how to develop specific knowledge of the emergency response actions the individual crowd manager will be responsible for within the facility; how to safely direct and assist people during an emergency or non-emergency evacuation; and the importance of developing a specific emergency action plan for their facility.

Saturday was a day devoted to workshop and round tables as well as a dynamic keynote speaker on the “Top Ten Things to Start Doing Today to Build Your Leadership Skills”. The speaker covered all the roles you as a leader have in your life, not just in your work environment. She addressed ten things you can start doing today that will help you lead professionally, socially, and at home that will increase your credibility and make your team members want to follow you and engage in your vision. The Keynote speaker was Lisa Long, Long Consulting, Leadership and Marketing.

As mentioned above, the Friday evening dinner was hosted by the Pensacola Interstate and co-sponsored by the Pensacola Interstate Far; EMC Tickets LLC, and Reithoffer Shows. It was a great evening with great food, a relaxing format, and time to network with all our Florida Fair friends. Everyone took away cotton candy, candy apples, and a great variety of Fair related “goodies”.

Saturday morning’s program offered several session for Fairs with small budgets such as: How to Utilize a Limited Advertising Budget to Connect with Your

Customers in a “Fairly” Large Way by Lisa Long with Long Consulting and Small Budget Series – Livestock Issues presented by Tom Umiker, CFE, Greater Hillsborough County Fair who discussed such things as “The poultry show wants new pens, the cattle shows want more panels, the sheep/goat shows want new pens and the swine show says goat pens aren’t pig pens – AND – they all want higher premiums………….what do we do first?” Other workshops included: Ways to make your YPI Program Grow and bring in the next generation! By Jayson Lynn with the KVLS and Osceola County Fair; Grow Your Fair Through Great Customer Service by Mark Harvey with the North Florida Fair; Current Ag Issues –What are the hot issues and top challenges facing our Ag programs! by Stacey Wade, CFE with the Central Florida Fair; and Steps to Developing Your Own Emergency Preparedness Plan by Tim Lovett with the Florida Strawberry Festival and Randy Hoffer with the South Florida Fair.

We were also delighted to have Bob Johnson, President and CEO of OABA, join us for the workshop and present a program on “H2B – We All Keep Hearing About It – BUT – How Does It Affect Our Fairs? It’s time to get serious about this issue and no one can explain it better than Bob. It is the future of OUR business.

Michelle Card, the new Executive Director of NICA also joined us for the two day event and it was great to meet and visit with her to strengthen our relationship with our industry partners.


for hosting the Summer Workshop

EMC Tickets, LLC, Reithoffer Shows, and Pensacola Interstate Fair

for sponsoring the Friday night dinner

Drinks provided by Buffalo Rock – Pepsi and Budweiser

Florida State Fair and Florida Strawberry Festival

for sponsoring the Refreshment Breaks

Drinks provided by Buffalo Rock – Pepsi and Budweiser

Miami-Dade County Fair and Expo and the St. Lucie County Fair

for sponsoring the Coffee Station

Coffee provided by The Drowsy Poet

Northeast Florida Fair and Manatee County Fair for

for sponsoring the door prizes

Volusia County Fair and the Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair

for their sponsorship as a Summer Workshop Friend of the Federation

South Florida Fair

for providing the Signage and the

St. Lucie County Fair for providing IT support.

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